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Oh my god. Bless you for making this post. My heart. For a split second, after thirteen years, Anna and Elsa laughed together and were genuinely having fun just like when they were younger. For a split second, they were five and eight again. Not eighteen, not love-starved, not lonely and longing for warmth and affection. Not twenty one, not a queen, not depressed, anxiety-ridden and frightened of her own self. Not two girls who were barely adults forced to face the world without their parents who left them forever. No, for a split second, Anna and Elsa were being their true self in the most effortless and purest form: sisters and best friends who needed each other right from the beginning. Sisters who will always need each other and do everything and anything to make sure the other is safe and well. Even if it means shutting down and living in isolation. Even if it means being frozen solid and dying. But here, for a split second…it was just Elsa and Anna. And that was everything.

(Source: icyqueenofarendelle)

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